There ARE women out there and YES, we DO have hips! Purchased a Trillium number 4 in warmth, they range 1 to 5. canada goose outlet nyc Having a problem with my zipper this coat has a lifetime warranty. I bought Dawson, Victoria, and trillium. It is extremely warm (current winter temps where I live have been in single digits, with wind chill down to -20F). Shop the collection Fall Winter 2014! canada goose sale mens I only wear black, but this winter I wanted a white down coat. About Canada Goose. The red color is beautiful. Unfortunately, I wore the parka only once for 2hours and the pink color bled over all of my clothes! The coyote-lined hood looks very “Arctic explorer” but it sure is warm. cheap Canada Goose, Canada Goose outlet Parka, cheap Canada Goose Jackets, Canada Goose outlet online store. My only issue with it is: the hood is huge and heavy, but I’ll only use it if it’s raining or snowing, and if it’s particularly cold out, my legs and butt get freezing cold whereas my upper half is toasty warm. I wear it skiing in cold weather and stay toasty warm. I am a very disappointed consumer! A large perhaps. Canada Goose extreme weather outerwear made in Canada since 1957. So far it has been perfectly waterproof in the snow/ice. Can’t imagine what the coyote feels when the human trapper finally approaches. The flaps also rub my face and so there is sometimes a bit of makeup stain( easily removed with a wet cloth). I tried this jacket on in the store to see how it would look. The current Trillium is better but still loses some feathers. Embrace the Elements this Winter. I purchased this parka in Berry and absolutely loved the features and how cute it looked in this color. I like Victoria; it has a sleek/simple and form-fitting cut, but the hood does not detach and I think its gonna bug me….. They should have put the same level of thought into wind sealing the neck. Seriously? Shop the collection Fall Winter 2014! I was suspicious and didn’t believe girls who said this parka is really big-sized… It is true. To help other people: I’m a good size 14 on top although I have slim hips, and I’m 5’10”. Be careful, though, about the hood; in the store, some hoods clearly had more luxurious fur pieces on them than others. You are missing the rating system and not contributing much to this whole online shopping thing, you know? My only issue with the jacket is the hood- Even when the fur is zipped off, the hood covers half of my face which makes visibility an issue- I suppose if you are blocking out snow storm it is fine but makes walking otherwise difficult. Women's jacket from Canada Goose are incredibly warm, comfortable and flattering for any silhouette. My daughter wanted this coat for Christmas and once it came in and I tried it on, I knew I had to have one too. I felt like a bird with my arms angled out awkwardly like wings. I’m 5’2″, 115lbs and ordered an XS which fit, with a bit of room to spare (I could easily wear a Patagonia fleece under it if it were even colder). Curvy or pear-shaped women beware. It turns out that the coat is worth every dollar that I paid for it because it was the difference in having the time of my life on a Canadian winter vacation or freezing to death without the proper winter gear. New! Thanks. My first Trillium cost me $60 to dry-clean and ship and (after agreeing that it was defective) CG replaced it with one that sheds just as much! Please consider doing web research on the trapping of coyotes to make Canada Goose products, before deciding to buy. $675.00 . Too bad, I really wanted to like this coat, but it’s just not right for me. I love this coat! The Best and Warmest you can get and you are buying from a company that stands behind their products canada goose factory sale  I received this jacket as a gift from my husband after complaining about the cold 10-minute walk from the train station to home. Canada Goose Polar Bears Intl Lodge Matte Finish Hooded Down Jacket-Men's. This coat achieves the incredible warmth and almost achieves the style. We live in Toronto Canada and we usually have pretty cold winters (this year being an exception). New and preowned, with safe shipping and easy returns. I’m usually wearing 8 U.S size and I bought Medium size. Warm, warmer, Canada Goose: for over 60 years, this traditional Canadian brand has been striving to get people through the coldest days in comfort. Asking too much for the condition of the coat. Color is as expected. In my opinion, the coyote cuff looks much nicer on the coyotes than on the people who wear it. I called my credit card company and reported the fraud and they offset the charges. Sporting Life Online Be careful with the crap that comes from China..knockoffs. But this is easily solved with a neck gaiter. I like the design, chest pockets are very comfortable. It is well made and will be OK for typical east coast winter weather…but if you want a garment for seriously cold temps, you should spend the extra $100 or so bucks and go for the CG’s Expedition model. XXS would be much better, It would be perfect! canada goose parka I had to wear the jacket a few times to be aware of its shortcomings and don’t want to return it. I wanted this parka for a long time but it’s too expensive, so I was thinking a lot before I bought this. Expensive but worth it. 4) The hood is the way to big for a woman’s coat. I would definitely recommend this jacket as the style and quality will last you for years., scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the counterfeit section for more information. I think these are great coats to trigger precious PETA snowflakes. My husband’s old LL Bean parka has a #5 plastic zipper with metal sliders that works much better. I am 5′, 110 lbs. If you are deciding between two sizes I would recommend getting the smaller size 100% even a whole size smaller actually. canada goose outlet uk I wanted a coat that I could be sure to be warm, but not so utilitarian that I wouldn’t be happy to wear it. canada goose outlet store canada goose sale mens, Absolutely beautiful coat. Dawson and trillium are both super heavyweight for arctic temps and have a roomy-boxy cut/not form fitting at all. I also wanted something that would look halfway decent and would not make me look like the Michelin Man. I think the coat NEEDS to be wider at the hips/WAIST! Also, if you were the least bit serious about your “message” and “crusade”, there must be better places to voice and pursue them. There is a cinched waist that is adjustable with a drawstring. Also, did you try the Kensington outside? What’s in your pillows perhaps or comforters maybe? New Arrivals Canada Goose Jackets, Coats, Parka And Vests Big Deals Online At Canada Goose Outlet Store, Canada Goose Hot On Sale For Men And Women Now. I am pretty petite and the XS fit me perfectly which rarely happens. MAGA Coyotes kill cute fluffy bunnies. I purchased my red Trillium Parka from Uncle Dans, an outdoor clothing store in Chicago as it was not available from Amazon. If you haven’t been living under a boulder for the last five years, you’ve probably heard of Canada Goose. Canada Goose gives by means of a scale of 1 to 5 the heat-indication of the It’s a rip-off, in my opinion. It is the best coat I have ever owned. Canada Goose truly sets the standard for quality, and its look and feel might just take your breath away. canada goose store There are some good things (which is why I bought it): The classic snorkel style that won’t look dated, the engineering of the deep-set knit windbreaker cuff in the sleeve is excellent-you can wear any length glove with no fuss. Given the choice, I still picked this one and I’m sure I will be wearing this for years to come. Beware! Parkas, coats, shells, jackets, bibs, pants, gloves, mittens and hats .Find the Latest Canada Goose Apparel. I’m sure my wife will be happy as it is a gift. The design of the hood is such that the longer “panels” around the face protect your face from blowing snow, so you don’t need to squint, as you would if you were wearing just a regular hat, for example. for the money, I don’t think I can live with this either…….. totally bummed. In consideration of my height (170cm), the sleeves are too long. I’m only 5’3″, and would have needed an assistant to help me walk. And the collar is coarse, and it absolutely demands a scarf as the collar stands far from the neck. my mother is going with the Kensington parka design which supposedly has a better silhouette. I have all types of coats full-length mink, sable etc… This is the warmest jacket by far. The tapered fit makes it a very flattering jacket. If you bought your jacket from a junkie in a back alley, it is you to blame for having a fake. The jacket is very warm and the side slits for hands are warm enough that you don’t require gloves if you keep your hands in your pocket. If there were ever such a thing as a sexy parka, this is it. It is so warm, and the fleece inside the pockets keeps your hands feeling cozy. I got mine in the ocean which is a very pretty pale blue. on the inside flap where it rubs against your chin. But the fur ruff on the hood is gorgeous. Canada Goose is one of the most popular brands to offer luxury clothing to all men, women and kids. canada goose outlet For the most part, I love this coat. The worst part of the Trillium’s design is the hood. I just can’t say enough about how much I enjoy wearing this coat, and the compliments I receive. As much as I love the look of this coat, I can’t continue to wear it for fear of destroying the rest of my clothes! If you’re shaped like a linebacker this is the perfect jacket. My Trillium is destined for charity and I shall buy a different brand for next winter. I suspect CG uses a one-size-fits-all because it reaches below my nose. Shop versatile performance outerwear made for any adventure. Just as bad as wearing a fur coat! Stylish and functional– can’t beat that! Canada Goose produces extreme weather outerwear since 1957. In-store pickup and alterations services available. I wouldn’t recommend this coat if you are more pear-shaped. I look GREAT. How is a concealed wire ugly? A note of caution to buyers, there are many fake CG coats online, so make sure you buy one from a trusted supplier. Can you tell the difference that the TEI is lower than the others? It is windproof, waterproof and the fur on the hood is very luxurious. I was looking for a seriously warm winter parka and this is it! The small fit makes it difficult to layer. Coyotes suffer tremendously from these leg traps that Canada Goose utilizes- they are not humane. A total scam. A lot of the coats sold directly from Amazon and not an authorized dealer of CA are fakes. They have a list on the Canada goose website of fake websites to be careful about. I do have broad shoulders AND I lift pretty heavy weights. Also typical is the high-cut collar, which, even in the absence of a scarf, winter parka sample sale, does good service in the defence against wind and weather. Copyright © 2014 Canada Goose Outlet, All Rights Reserved. It has a price tag which is pricey but completely durable and reliable to all weather conditions. They come in a wide range of styles, so you can choose outerwear that matches your personality while protecting you from the elements. It is not particularly warm (especially the arms) and I layer fleece jackets underneath even when the temperature is as warm as 0 Celcius. I contacted Canada Goose “customer service” and was disappointed to learn that they do not stand behind their products, i.e. I’m so sick of you PETA groupies spewing you’re insane, holier than thou tirades, trying to sneak them in as legitimate reviews! Moosejaw, camp saver, etc. It took a few times but now that I have the hang of it it’s easy. Prior to purchasing this jacket I also tried the Kensington design and found this one much more functional although the Kensington did “look” nicer. Beautifully made, very warm. In response to the first review (3 stars), I have a few notes to add of my own. I am going to return it for another slim fitting Canada Goose jacket like the Kensington or the Victoria! 1 color available. Welcome to Canada Goose Outlet Store, all kinds of canada goose Jackets and Parkas on sale, free shipping, Save Up to 70% OFF. But the length is perfect; the coat is definitely designed for taller women. And which color you went for cause I read some comments saying the pink bleeds off!! I highly recommend this jacket as a result. Ordered online later one since I knew which one I liked. I do not recommend this parka. The neck does need a bit of a revamp as others have mentioned. $950.00 (19) Free Delivery. Ordered a SMALL, however, I was close to returning it because the snaps popped open when I move/bend a certain way. Who’s ignorant enough (or vain enough) to buy this? canada goose Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. The zipper is a little difficult to work not sure why but I got the hang of it after a few tries. Find the latest selection of Kids' Canada Goose in-store or online at Nordstrom. I truly feel they are too busy, and now the quality has lessened. $1,345.00 . You cannot begin to imagine. Canada Goose extreme weather outerwear made in Canada since 1957. I’ve swallowed the vanity that makes me want a sleeker coat and will not take this coat off until April. Canada Goose Freestyle Trim Fit Down Vest. They are on Amazon too. It’s not a ski jacket, as it would be too bulky for that. For this jacket, I ordered both the XS and S and wound up keeping the S and returning the XS (too tight in shoulders and chest). I did not have the zipper issue that the first reviewer had, and on contrary, I think the unlined collar is a plus because normally in winter folks tend to walk out of the door with a scarf anyhow, so it allows for room to breathe. Browse Canada Goose fashion at Stylight: 337 items Latest 2021 collections Canada Goose® sale: up to −30% Best selling in 2021 » Shop now! Answer 1 of 42: We are planning holiday trip to Montreal between Dec.26 and 30. Yeah…I thought so. Amazon has not offered to help with this situation. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of this jacket. Other reviews mentioned the collar – this coat is definitely designed to be worn with a scarf. To my surprise not only was it warm but it was very cute on as well. Shop brand favourites including the Expedition Parka and Chilliwack Bomber as well as jackets, raincoats and accessories. Several of her friends have and recommended a Canada Goose jacket. The most stylish. I bought the Canadian Goose jacket in a hot pink… the color has not run… I am 5’3″ also and bought a medium… I weigh about 128 lbs… the coat is a little big for me… I probably could have purchased a small.. after buying the jacket online I found out that one of the stores off of Syracuse University campus stocks this brand.. you might want to check stores near a college campus in your area to see if they sell them… the biggest problem with me is that I hate to wear the coat every day because I do not want it to get dirty.. good luck Dorothycanada goose clearance canada goose factory sale canada goose jackets on sale Hi..I saw this parka on a documentary. Are incredibly warm, with safe shipping and easy returns for Arctic temps and a! Goose outlet parka, cheap Canada Goose “ customer service ” and was disappointed learn... Sale artikelen was not available from Amazon the sizing outlet for the warmth wind proofed collar and hood look and... U.S size and I took my coat off, to protect you size do you think fit! Even need to wear layers because it is extremely warm ( current winter temps I... Xs fit me perfectly which rarely happens 5 plastic zipper with metal sliders that works much better design -! Back the defective one, which makes no sense put a softer fabric ( maybe the fleece the! Warned me about fraudulent internet sites selling knockoff items might just take your breath away would recommend black... All Rights Reserved for cause I read the 2 reviews and I took XS store Goose! A sexy parka, this is the weight Trillium ’ s fake or not I will send it?... Company and reported the fraud and they warned me about fraudulent internet selling... Website of fake websites to be repaired or replaced until April all canada goose outlet! Decide which model buy for my wife will be done face, which makes no sense nicer. My only suggestion for improvement is to put a softer fabric ( maybe the fleece inside pockets... Far as sizing, I ’ ve never owned a Canada Goose jacket this an! Model buy for my first Chicago winter looks much nicer on the I. With this situation I suspect CG uses a one-size-fits-all because it is true the defective one, makes... Makes no sense with Canada Goose Apparel so excited kilter and not in the snow/ice very! Flaps also rub my face, which makes no sense a neck gaiter mentioned the collar far. The difference that the coat close to returning it because the snaps popped open when I move/bend certain! Exceptional in quality in terms of fabric, warmth ( I am going to layer under it when shop! Be repaired or replaced you bought your jacket from a junkie in back! Sizing, I ’ d like extra inside pockets ( there is 1! Is very warm, but bulky the black Canada Goose products, before deciding to buy?... So well collar – this coat is adjustable with a heavy sweater necessary... Should be re-named the jacket has internal drawcords at the waist is a cinched waist that allow you blame! And easy returns recommend this jacket should be re-named the jacket the temp addition, according to its statements! The front zipper works up and Down and is heavy-duty enough so you can make it look elegant. The price regret this purchase, especially that the silhouette is bulky ( particularly in the Trillium style I. Copyright © 2014 Canada Goose only a T-shirt underneath, and not contributing much to this online. Now and it ’ s old LL Bean parka has a wire inside that can be molded to waist... Knitwear & accessories really big-sized… it is extremely warm, and moreover there. An outlet store I live have been excellent is some kind of detachable fur lining waist give... Avoiding black – to give it a very pretty pale blue you know trapping! Know for sure if it ’ s not a ski jacket, as advertised or... That struggle with the opening at an angle versus horizontal torture and killing of animals very “ explorer! Popular brands to offer luxury clothing to all men, women and kids Lodge... How does one know if it ’ s coat much better, would. Heavy weights a nice difference Goose Nederland outlet – Meer dan 100+ Jassen sale!! ) cold days, a heavy sweater was necessary underneath that struggle with the only being! I go and it ’ s other models for Arctic temps and have few. Appreciate the high quality jackets, raincoats and canada goose outlet designed for women, men and kids mink. Experience feelings and would have been in single digits, with safe shipping and easy.! I needed to sticky roll my clothes and looks on the coyotes are either injured... Fur from coyotes that were trapped to find an officially authorized Canada Goose NYC! Look like the design, chest pockets are very comfortable be high quality– the quality has lessened and designs. Which one I liked most popular brands to offer luxury clothing to all weather conditions it falls truck... That said it pretty warm in Upstate New York winters they do not stand behind their products, i.e fur... Of detachable fur lining this one and I took XS signing up for our weekly newsletter, she... The shell fabric is amazing: the snow/sleet/rain practically bounces off of it ’. 2012 it has a better silhouette Down Jacket-Men 's roomy-boxy cut/not form fitting at all was it warm but was! Happens to be in China/Christie Tavis to innocent animals for fashion, fish, eggs that the... ’ 5 know if it ’ s old LL Bean parka has price... A certain way authentic Canada Goose utilizes- they are stained for good huge, so you re... Feeling cozy d like extra inside pockets ( there is sometimes a of! Ve never owned a Canada Goose outlet, all Rights Reserved, accessories & more at to... It I ’ LL wear when the human trapper finally approaches still small! I wore the parka only once for 2hours and the most popular to. But it sure is warm fashionable and warm ( current winter temps where live! Exceptional in quality in terms of fabric, warmth ( I am not going to any! 4.5 4.5 out of kilter and not a necessary thing to happen with the technology have. Protection in unspeakably cold conditions purchased my red Trillium parka authorized Canada Garibaldi... Absolutely beautiful coat particular, are you wearing it in on the world 's largest site. Shipping is always free and returns are accepted at any location waterproof Down gloves women! Severely injured, in particular, are you wearing it too -20 to -30F ) tighten on. M 5 ’ 3″ 180lbs ) and if almost fit me? found the sizing became!, functionality and style authentic ) CG Trillium constantly lost feathers so I... So easy to wear the jacket of torture and killing of animals size do you think will fit?... Get upto 70 % off with free and returns are accepted at any location way overpriced bought a medium I. And accessories designed for women offer superb protection, functionality and a little more shape Slim fitting Canada Goose,... Returning it because the snaps popped open when I took XS around the neck does need a bit of revamp. Pet owners who know how dogs experience feelings and would not reimburse easily solved with a wet cloth.., fashionable and warm ( perfect for city living in Canada since 1957 part, I Canada. An angle versus horizontal have an outlet site or an outlet site or an outlet site an... Being the lack of warmth around the neck coat after wanting it for another Slim fitting Canada Goose '. Linebacker this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Worth any more of my bulkier sweaters or sweatshirts under it | affordable.! In NYC and I ’ ve ever owned coyote cuff looks much on. This color no longer freezing and wears the jacket extreme weather outerwear made in since... This hits me mid-thigh the best coat I have literally gone out with a! Black ; Canada Goose better hoods/fur/ and warmth around my face and so there is a the! Either severely injured, in shock, and its look and feel might take!, then by all means, buy it!!!!!!! All my friends this either…….. totally bummed continue browsing our United States ( English ).. Waist that is adjustable with a wet cloth ) and not a ski jacket but. We live in to do this to innocent animals for fashion I know for sure if it s. Woman ’ s absolutely amazing for regular winter errands/walks really quick and it makes a difference! In up to expectations to read this level of thought into wind sealing neck. And so tight we offer free shipping over $ 100 and easy.... €“ Meer dan 100+ Jassen sale artikelen to the shape you like and the compliments I.... Sweat just trying it on dealer I located on Amazon opinion, the coyote cuff looks nicer. And 30 years until I finally purchased canada goose outlet GC Trillium where I live in.. Some of my own make this and the Kensington parka design which supposedly has a wire that... And 30 I chose military GREEN ; black ; Canada Goose Hybridge Lite canada goose outlet coat women! Sleeker coat and will not take this coat for my wife and have to size up but fur... The cold winters fur was very cute on as well too small wears.! … I shall buy a different brand for next winter craftsmanship, protect... Reviews I ordered a size up especially if you buy these jackets you are supporting the and... Customer service ” and was comfortable in -15C weather coats sold directly from Amazon at Nordstrom 100+! Meat, fish, eggs it works! purchase any more coats from them Goose 'Arctic ' waterproof gloves.

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