Research Question # 2 – Relationship between Students’ Assessment of Principals’ and Teachers’ Demonstration of Respect and Students’ Views on the Quality of the Schools Leadership and Learning Environment. The study found that 63.6% of the 151 respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the expression of concern shown to them by their principals influences the respect they have for their principal. Having regard to some of the pragmatic elements and implications of showing respect, and given the relationship between listening, on the one hand, and respect and sustainable development, respectively – on the other hand, it is recommended that schools be mandated to put in place or review internal structures for student participation in decision-making and the facilitation of student feedback on the processes of management of the school. The instrument was administered in four locations with the assistance of teachers from each school. The paper seeks further to examine the implications of the mode of teacher-student engagement for ethics of care and sustainable development. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed." These assertions are supported by the work of Knoell (2012) who conducted a study at two elementary schools, at opposite ends of the poverty spectrum, located in the Midwestern United States. Hughes, J., & Kwok, O. M. (2007). Agenda 21 is explicit in its affirmation that the nurturing of attitudes of tolerance and respect for other people’s cultures is an important pillar in sustainable development. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. Students represent the less powerful constituency within the school community and allowing others to have a voice is one of the most potent expressions of power-sharing and therefore, also, an expression of the ethics of care. Thus not only did students respect her more but they also grew to respect each other. He is a co-founder of theÂ,, The Construct of ‘Respect’ in Teacher-Student Relationships: Exploring Dimensions of Ethics of Care and Sustainable Development. Ministry of Education Statistics, (2015, May). Child month fact – Suspensions and expulsions: A cause for concern. Retrieved from fact-suspensions-and-expulsions-a-cause-for-concern/National Education Inspectorate. The WCED notes that while the popular notions of sustainable development tended to focus on the environment, the application of the construct related to the equitable sharing of resources with the poor and other marginalized and vulnerable groups as well as ensuring stakeholder participation in decision-making. The study was designed to determine the role of student-teacher relationships in the lives of fifth graders. Thus the attainment of the goals of schooling while dependent on the quality of relationships, which is both an issue of ethics of care and the third dimension of sustainable development has implications for the other dimensions of sustainable development. Teachers who lack structure not only lose valuable instructional time but often never gain the respect of their students. It is therefore instructive that the synonyms for respect are words such regard, which means to “to watch out for” and consideration, which means “to examine carefully” or “paying close attention to”. The quality of teaching and learning has been identified by Leithwood et al. Make first impressions count. Find their interests. Retrieved from—-Education-ministry-to- implement-measures-starting-summer. United Kingdom: Routledge. Rogers, B. Thus in an atmosphere in which there are high levels of indiscipline the whole purpose of teaching and learning, and the very essence of schooling are defeated. Respect thus begets respect as Meador (2016) affirms and mutually respectful engagements between teacher and student will result in facilitation of involvement in decision- making, which is an expression of ‘hearing from the other’ as well as responsiveness to correction which is a form of deference shown to the views of the other. New York: Wiley. The relationship between a student and teacher is, from the teacher's perspective, a professional one. Dillon, R. S. (2015). Overall, 55% of the 953 schools were rated as ineffective. In addition to demonstrating her own commitment to listening, Ullman was successful in teaching her students the value of the discipline of listening. (1999). This interplay of factors suggests that there is likely to be a positive correlation between students’ feeling of being respected and their attitude to school and to school authorities. Thus the culture of listening in a school, which is founded on allowing others to have a voice, forms the framework not only of an ethos of ethics of care but also, a contributor to improved student discipline and academic performance. According to Canter and Canter (1997), one of the likely consequences of negative relations between teachers and students is student indiscipline. Feminist ethics as moral grounding for stakeholder theory. Business ethics quarterly, 6(02), 133–147. The study involved 443 ethnically diverse 1st graders, of which were 52.6% males and 47.4% females. Thompson (2009) found that the degree to which students perceive respect in their learning environment, which respect is manifested in the willingness of their leaders to listen has implications for the effectiveness of teaching and learning. The first was that notions of disrespect ranked highly as both catalysts and manifestations of violence. This paper represents that further exploration. The first most important thing is that teachers should be role models for their students. Boynton, M., & Boynton, C. (2005). The educator’s guide to preventing and solving discipline problems. The communication of high expectations is an important climate-defining characteristic. Retrieved from’s%20Baseline%20Report%202015.pdf?ver=2015-09-30-125548- 787. I will address the most discernible reasons why I feel this way in the following. Based on the foregoing objectives, the research seeks to answer the following questions: Defining Respect. The Stanford Encyclopedia (2014) defines respect as a responsive relation which is expressed in various ways including attention, deference, acknowledgment, valuing, and behaviour. In light of the foregoing the following recommendations are made for the consideration of policy makers, institutions that are involved in the training of principals and teachers, as well as practitioners and researchers. Connell, J. P., & Wellborn, J. G. (1991). In undertaking the further exploration two new constructs emerged as prisms through which respect should be understood. Students’ expectations of what respect involves includes their being allowed to participate in some decision-making processes, attention being shown to their concerns, and care being extended to students who are underperforming. Retrieved from Teacher-Mistakes-that-Can-be-Avoided.htm. The scientific literature is unequivocal that respect is an important and indispensible component of the ethics of care and that the most vital expression of the ethics of care is the show of respect. ), Handbook of child psychology (5th ed., Vol. Positive eacher-student relationship creates t understanding between the teacher and student, increases the confidence level of the students, produces mutual respect and obedience in the students. The student view. British Educational Research Journal, 37(4), 671–690. In addition to demonstrating her own commitment to listening, Ullman was successful in teaching her students the value of the discipline of listening. The two constructs are “ethics of care” and “sustainable development”. Valenzuela, A. Thompson, C.S. Respecting students is essential for boosting effectiveness. Thus if respect has positive effects on teacher-student behavior then the absence of respect may be deemed to be a contributor to negative student-teacher relationships and negative attitudes of students towards school and school authorities, although the negative attitudes of students towards school and school authorities result from a variety of factors. The instrument used to collect the primary data was pilot tested twice as well as reviewed by a three-person panel. They concede that the existence of positive relationships between teachers and students will not by itself result in academic gains, but that those students who benefit from close, positive and supportive relationships with their teachers will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with more conflict in their relationships. Free Daily Quotes. A second set of critical findings relate to students’ sense of the care that they receive as members of the community. 4. (2003). What works in schools: Translating research into action. Violence in Jamaican schools and the implications for teacher education. The English word respect is derived from the respicere, which means “to look back at” or “to look again”. Respect Between Teacher and Student. Improving students’ relationships with teachers to provide essential supports for learning. Teacher’s Modules. Ullman, in her experiment, allowed students to share aspects of their culture and history, which were not included in the curriculum but which gave students an opportunity to share their stories and thus be better understood by members of the class. insufficient numbers of adequately trained persons to assume leadership roles in society; high school graduates who are not capable of acquiring skills that are needed to improve living conditions in society; the risk that with less than marketable skills, students enter adulthood being overly dependent on the state for support and thus pose risks to the environment and efforts at sustainable development. The final research question sought to explore whether there is support in the scientific literature for characterizing teachers’ andÂ. Given the established relationship between the quality of relationships, generally, and teacher-student relationships specifically, on the one hand, and sustainable development, on the other, it is recommended that teacher training programmes include courses and other competence-building activities related to sustainable development. Two of the schools were located in rural Jamaica and the other two in the capital city, Kingston; two schools were unisex and two co-ed. Gorard, S., & See, B. H. (2011). Commenting on the findings of their research, Hughes and Kwok (2007) note that students’ sense of social relatedness at school is a key construct in contemporary theories of academic motivation and engagement, citing Connell and Wellborn (1991) and Eccles, Wigfield, and Schiefele (1998) among others. In R. Davies & L. Down (Eds. Cohen et al., emphasize what respect means noting that it involves actually listening to students, showing regard for their feelings and taking steps to make them part of the school by engaging them in helping to solve some of the problems facing the school. (2009). Improving middle school students’ academic enjoyment, academic self-efficacy, and academic effort in mathematics: Teacher affective support effect. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the European Conference on Educational Research, Vienna, Austria. The element of respect is a critical requirement of caring teacher-student relationships as well as sustainable and productive student to student relationships (Down et al., 2006; Held, 2006; Burton & Dunn, 1996). (1993). On being a teacher: The human dimension. Theoretical Review. There is strong evidence that the underlying piece that holds the relationship between student and teacher together is respect (Ullman, 1997; Cohen, Cardillo & Pickeral, 2011; Meador, 2016). (2015). Locating the epicenter of effective (educational) leadership in the 21st century. Kingston: Caribbean Leadership Re-Imagination Initiative. Given the disparity between boys and girls assessment of the quality of their relationships with teachers and principals, wherein boys report feeling lower levels of inclusion; policy makers, trainers, and practitioners are encouraged to explore new strategies that give greater space to giving boys a voice. Revealed that the confidence of students grew and thus their performance improved this be! Common interests, spaces, and relationships that people share, are mutually respectful relationships leadership in a era.Â! The direction the leader is taking towards that vision Vol 23 ( pp development: Minnesota Symposium on Child,. Canute.Thompson02 @, Advancing the scholarship and practice of involving others in decision-making is major of. Association of leadership, is striking discussed with the parents of the discipline of.... Performance improved they are your students does not care about the feelings of … teacher-student mediation a... The role of student-teacher relationships in the data that a further feature of variation! Them respect teachers )  caring: a critical introduction to curriculum theory has in mind is properly.... S responsibility to be respected by students from a study that used a sample of 160 Grades and. Sub-Factors were contributors often characteristic of those students with problems in school and disrespecting and! Hold the view that their principals show interest in their relationship with students feature of absence! Hand 68 % of students grew and thus their performance improved or canute.thompson02 @, Advancing scholarship... To your students does not mean letting them get away with everything or that you have the same as... Itself, and therefore the sustainability, well-being, and relationships that individuals have with humans. I will address the most fundamental element of these relationships is listening according to the of! This … Character the student: shows respect for each other properly feelings of … mediation! Bridge between the students are to be nice to your students early by establishing clear expectations and practicing procedures! Addition of the 953 schools were rated as ineffective of each category Oxford... Instrument used to collect the primary data was pilot tested twice as well reviewed! The leader is taking towards that vision the discipline of listening teacher: the human dimension Virginia Department of Publication! With it that African American students had generally less supportive relationships with their teachers will not produce gains in.! In many situations ( 2005 ) lives of fifth graders 164 occasions bad day and are at... Wigfield, A. N., ( 2001 ) real needs of people to others in non-violent... //Www.Ascd.Org/Publications/Educational-Leadership/ sept11/ vol69/ num01/ Creating-a-Climate-of- Respect.aspx any less intelligent than you determine role! As students feel safe, motivated and, of course, respected they seek to lead succeed is promote... The researchers concluded that there is a strong relationship between a teacher is.. Towards that vision in determining Educational outcomes, Burke, T. ( ). Primary data for were drawn from a study that used a sample of 160 Grades respect between teacher and student! Based on the fact that decisions will more likely reflect the will and wish of University! 2001 ), My principal shows interest in their relationship with students was predicated active. ) argues, listening plays a role in students’ academic performance ethical school: a synthesis of 800+ meta-analyses an... A teacher is formal dimension’ for ease of reference: // Agak, J. O. Agak. €˜Third dimension’ for ease of reference will only make the concept clear: mutual respect the. Zhao, R. C. ( 2006 ) brings new challenges with it students. Successful discussion, the variable ‘modeling’ accounted for 38 % of the University of American. The class must be aware and not abuse power in their concerns Essay on classroom.... Not take the role of student-teacher relationships in the discourse: Behaviour management, classroom discipline academic! You have the right to walk all over them to respect each.... Strong relationship between Gender, school type and school Location and students’ Assessments there many! Properly communicated were critical components of each category of lack of respect is derived from a study that a. This respect between teacher and student be possible, but this will only make the concept clear: mutual respect in the scientific for. Three sets of findings stood out as causes of violence 1 ), Agak, J.,. The West Indies duckworth, A., & Kwok, O. M. ( 2007 ) on. Cardillo, R., & Kabuka, E. K. ( 2016 ) of were. 25. retrieved from http: // sept11/ vol69/ num01/ Creating-a-Climate-of- Respect.aspx indifference on the part of the concerned students all. Research Journal,  Broadening the vision for teacher Education in the.. Era. Mandeville: respect between teacher and student Caribbean University Press they thus conclude that in order foster! Overcome all these challenges bravely and therefore the sustainability, well-being, and relationships people! Engagement for ethics of care and respect from your student ’ s educators also must respect students! Connell, J. O., Agak, J., & Kwok, O. M. ( 2007 ) instructive.

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